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Terms & Conditions

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Content Standard Licence 

Unless in a signed contract for cropyright & licencing no video/audio content is licenced for on air(TV), radio or digital billboards. Photography is only licenced for online, small print no billboards or campaign media. Current licences are for NZ and AUS media.

For ads, large campaigns, large print, TVC or international media please contact us to discuss licencing and details.

Radlab Ltd owns full copyright outright no matter what terms or licences are agreed on and has the ability to pull any material at any point in time.


Under no circumstance Rallab LTD and partners (including The Wedding Guys, RAWRPHOTO, TWIXX LTD) is liable to hand over RAW material, imagery, footage, working files and content. Radlab LTD and partners own all rights to this material and have the right to with hold any files at will, Radlab LTD may hand over RAW files for special use cases, there maybe licencing agreements required and will required acceptance from Radlab Ltd and partners prior to any work been taken out,

Payment Terms – Contractors

We have a standard payment term of 20th of the following month, cut off date is the 12th. If you have ticked invoice payment due date or other in payment terms on supplier contract the due date needs to be listed as 20th of the following month, other needs to be agreed on with the invoice issued per job and prior to work undertaken.

Contractors Copyright 

Contractors agree that Radlab Ltd owns full copyright and ability to licence any work done while contracting to Radlab and for Radlabs clients.