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Hey there, well it looks like you stumbled across the about page. Well my name is Jared and I’m the lead photographer here at the wedding guys and I would love to tell you a little bit about myself and what we have to offer!

We cover your big day with premium photography and cinematography (video).

The Wedding Guys is a passion project of mine and our team, we are a group of creatives who absolutely love being part of your special day! Now we know this day hopefully only comes around once in a lifetime and “girl” (or “boy”) so we know it’s your special day! We are the best of the best and we have been in the craziest of environments and we always deliver, we only produce awesome content, and nothing short of this. You can really trust we will be there for you on the day no matter what, we are also super fun to work with and we really help take the edge off! We just join in and make you and your wedding party feel like the true superstars you are, and if you just like candid then that’s cool too, we’re pretty well known for those great candid shots we know you love!

So TWG is backed by Radlab, and who are Radlab you may ask? Well, day to day the team and I work in Radlab, a commercial powerhouse of production and photography, we do epic and we do it every day of the week. When using us you get the assurance and the full team behind Radlab looking after you! We have the best in data management and security and we only use the best online galleries and review platforms to make life as easy as we can for you! Radlab.

For myself well I’ve been shooting for over ten years now, jezzzzz time flies! I started in events and am pretty well known as one of NZ’s best event photographers but as much as a love a great event I love weddings more and I can tell you experience in fast-paced events really shows when it comes to weddings! I love to get creative and you can be assured I never miss the shot, I’ve been professionally shooting weddings for 8 years and I have loved every single one. I’m personally so happy as we have had our second cover this year with NZ Weddings! I would love to be a part of your big day and I make it super easy and fun to work with so please drop us a line!